preparedness for emergency and crisis situations 

,We will never know in advance whether and when an emergency event or attack will occur on the corporate supply chain

.and might even never know if such event occured at all, if its impact on business/operative activities is negligible

!But it still has to be considered and prepared in advance


  Many organizations and companies are very sensitive to market shocks, and unprepareness for the

.various types of emergencies might lead to very significant functional difficulties

.Customers expect a continuous supply of products or services, and their patience is limited

Supply chain shield, readiness for attack attempts and emergencies are often an essential element of engagement

.and ability to cope as a provider to companies and organizations that consider that as essential

Such readiness implies a comprehensive preparation of the organization/company for a variety of scenarios even in routine

.(which is positive and essential in itself (power outages, burning, flooding and more


According to US studies, up to 40% of businesses that are closed due to the impact of a natural or man-made disruption do not reopen

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